NCTJ 'guinea pigs'


Thanks to all those who volunteered to road-test the NCTJ's new Essential Journalism exam. I'm afraid I ended up with too many names, so have used the time-honoured 'sorting hat' technique (i.e pulling names out of a coffee cup) to reduce the number of volunteers to the 15 that the NCTJ wanted.

The 15 names are below - apologies if you volunteered but are not on the list.

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The CfJ's Laura Garcia Rdz B taking part in the 3MT final


Laura did a great presentation in the final of the three minute thesis competition, part of the University's postgraduate festival. The winner will be announced later this afternoon.

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Lauren joins the North Devon Journal


And huge congratulations to Lauren Harris who has secured her first job in journalism as a trainee reporter on the weekly North Devon Journal. Lauren will be based in Barnstaple and she will start on 13 June. Lauren will be allocated a patch of her own to cover, and she is expecting to make full use of the multimedia and court reporting skills she has learned in the Centre.

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Many congratulations to Natalie


Huge congratulations to Natalie Tipping who has just secured a job as a reporter on the Kent Messenger. She will start work in the Maidstone newsroom  on 6 June. Additional congratulations are due because Natalie also triumphed at the University Media Awards, winning prizes for best Report and best Interview. And, If that's not enough success for one month, Natalie has won the 2016 Chancellor's Employability Award and a Special Commendation for Student of the Year at the Kent Student Awards. Brilliant!

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Job success for Ben


I'm delighted to report another example of early job success. MA student Ben Richter has been appointed to a  two-year traineeship with the German regional newspaper Heilbronner Stimme, German for Voice of Heilbronn. The title is based in the south-west German town of Heilbronn and reaches around a quarter of a million readers every day. During his traineeship - which is the best start to a career in German journalism - Ben will  work in all the newspaper's departments including politics, culture, and sports, He will contribute to the print edition and the website and work on social media.

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Updated: JN301 revision


Apologies - I managed to book two of these sessions at times when I'm not available.

Revision sessions for Reporting and Writing I will be held on the following dates in the main newsroom at 11am:

Wednesday, May 18

Tuesday, May 24

Wednesday, June 1

We'll go through a mock exam paper, look again at the Editors' Code of Practice and talk about how to revise for the practical questions. There may be snacks.

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Be a Guinea Pig - and win a free NCTJ exam


We're looking for some student volunteers to 'test drive' a new format of electronic exams for the NCTJ.

There's no preparation required. You'll just need to spare us 2 hours 30 minutes of your time in our newsroom on a date to be confirmed in the next couple of weeks. You'll sit an on-screen exam, under exam conditions, which is similar in style to the current NCTJ News Reporting exam - but it's all done in a web-based 'exam portal'.

What's in it for you? The NCTJ will fund a free 'real' exam (of your choice) for you later on.

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Huge congratulations to Kishan....


Huge congratulations to Kishan Koria who began his career as a journalist today, Sunday 8 May, as a member of the production team for ITN's new politics show, Peston On Sunday. I thought the show was lively and intelligent. Kishan has done exceptionally well to start on a network show, but I know several other soon-to-be graduates in the Centre have agreed,or are about to agree, contracts for other great jobs in great newsrooms.

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4 lessons learned on internship at Sky News


As some of you know I was fortunate enough to spend the last two weeks working with Sky News at their studio in West London. Here are four broad lessons learned in that time (*spoiler* none involve making coffee).

Embrace the unexpected

“So we need you to find someone who owns a pet monkey to come in for an interview tomorrow, preferably in London and able to bring the monkey in…”

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Training Exercise with Kent Fire and Rescue Service


Kent Fire and Rescue Service is conducting a multi-agency training exercise on 15 June in Shepherdswell near Dover.  Emergency services taking part will include Kent Police, Red Cross, Rapid Relief Team, Kent Fire and Rescue and SE Coast Ambulance Service.

The exercise will see the emergency services respond to a mock incident to test their collaborative response to a large scale 'incident'.  It will take place from 19.00 - 22.00, location to be confirmed.

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