NCTJ production journalism (subbing) revision sessions

I'll be a running a couple of revision sessions for the postgrads and second years who have opted to take the NCTJ production journalism exam on May 25. It's important that you attend both.

The sessions will be on the following dates:

1. 11am on Tuesday 15 May. This will take the form of a mock exam paper.

2. 11am on Thursday 24 May. We'll go through the mock paper from the previous session, and go over some final strategies for the exam.

Remember that there is a piece of coursework to be submitted on the day of the exam, in the form of a finished inDesign newspaper page.  The page must have been laid out and sub-edited by you, and should contain stories written either by you or your fellow students. Most of you will already have pages from news days or print assignments from your university modules that will fit the bill - or that can be tweaked to do so. We can discuss these during the session on May 15th.