The morning after pill, available online and on your office desk within two hours.

The emergency contraception, Levonelle, known commonly as the morning after pill will be avaliable online from next week and can be delievered, by courier, to your office desk within two hours.

The service, currently only avaliable in London, costs £20 and is provided by the website and could be extended to other cities if it is successful. 

In an article on the Daily Telegraph, Amit Khutti, founder of DrEd, defended the service and said young girls would be deterred because dates of birth were requested during registration and patients needed a credit card.

He said: “I don’t think this service is going to appeal to minors or encourage under age sex.

“For a start, you need to pay for the service and if you’re young there are a number of places you can already get the morning after pill free.

“Emergency contraception works better the sooner you take it, so having it delivered within two hours will make it more likely to be effective.”

The move offers greater freedom to busy women by removing the need to visit their GP. It also does away with embarrassing questioning and allows women to resolve their situation quickly and discreetly.

As well as the morning after pill, the website also provides contraceptive pills, sti tests and treatment, treatment for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation as well as malaria tablets.

In the lead up to Christmas, The British Pregnancy Advisory Service, advised women to 'stock up' on the pill over the festive period

Attitudes like this undermine the whole point of this pill. It is called the EMERGENCY contraceptive pill for a reason. It is to be taken in EMERGENCIES not as a subsitute for condoms or a proper contraceptive pill or as an excuse for reckless, irresponsible behaviour.

I understand that there are situations in which the morning after pill is necessary, but in those, surely it is is better to see a doctor rather than a computer screen? Not only do doctors offer you alternatives and advice, they inform you fully about the side-effects and success rates of these pills.

Not all pills are suitable for everyone, and family medical history and other medicines may mean these pills will do more harm than good. 

Personally, I don't believe services like this should be avaliable as it is promoting a lapse attitude to sexual relations and a lack of care for people's health. If you do not have the time to visit your GP or family planning service, maybe you should think twice before having unprotected sex. Time and work seem to be coming before people's health and responsiblity for their actions. 


I don't think that this detracts from the pill being used as an emergancy measure; I mean who really wants to have to answer those awkward questions when it turns up at the office? It's just offering a solution for women who are in a pickle and would have otherwise had to wait until much later in the day.

Once you're over 19 you have to pay to get the morning after pill anyway and when you pay there's no doctors check. Just a "here you go, read the labels and are you pregnant already?". I'm sure they will include such information when they deliver the pill or show a warning when you buy it.

Also for a lot of women it might actually be more embaressing to actually have to see a human being - ordering over the internet gets rid of this judging factor. Also, surely you can't assume all these women just had unprotected sex willingly? Perhaps something broke or they didn't have a choice? You can't say that makes them irresponsible.

By Jem Collins

Emergency Contraception is free on the NHS no matter how old you are... if you go to a family planning clinic or a walk-in centre or your GP its free. And as its an emergency you will be seen immediately. Nurses and doctors are there to help you, not judge you.

And yes, I do accept that there are circumstances when you might not have had the choice, but I personally, would much rather see a friendly human face who will give me advice than just order online and not know all the information I should know. You might not be suitable to take Levonelle, and you won't know that without seeing a nurse of a GP.

All services like this do, is stop it from being an EMERGENCY service and make it a readily available one like takeways.

By Clare Rose Freeman