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Mercury in retrograde: astronomers vs. astrologists


If you aren’t into astrology the way I am, you may not quite understand why you hear someone scream “oh no, Mercury is in retrograde again!” - looking as though they fear for their own existence.

We have been in retrograde since April 9th and will be until May 3rd, this isn’t the first time we’ll have a Mercury in retrograde period this year either.

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Why it's OK to live childless: thoughts from a self-serving woman


We work nine to five jobs, we want promotions, and we work harder. We go through years of education and hard work for our dream job, to be denied it based on the narrow-minded fact that we may just have to leave temporarily.

For one reason: the 'M' reason. Maternity. 

We are the women with ambitions. The growing majorities that live life childless to avoid these circumstances, and can you blame us?

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