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Online piracy survey for my dissertation

Calling everyone!! I have written a very brief survey for my dissertation and would really appreciate any responses from anyone (students and lecturers) as I am aiming for at least 200 responses.

It is a survey about people's consumption of pirated content online.

It only takes 60 seconds to complete (no exaggeration) and I really value all responses.

Thank you!

Blue-prints for plastic 'Liberator' gun to be published online

The world’s first plastic gun has been successfully fired in Texas.









Red USB stick found

Hi, at the end of Friday's newsday i found a red usb stick on one of the desks. I shall hand it in to Gerardo tomorrow.

Most (disrespected) dangerous job in the world?

When you think of the most dangerous jobs in the world you may think of professionals such as astronauts, oil rig workers, firefighters, army personnel, explosive ordnance disposal technicians, or perhaps even high rise window cleaners who battle against natural elements hundreds of feet in the air, but few would believe good investigative journalists face grave danger on a daily basis.

Sleeping Habits

Hi, I'm asking for some help for one of my assessed features.

Do you have any funny/wacky/strange sleeping habit stories, such as sleep walking?

If you do, please could you let me know asap.

My email is and I can be found on Facebook and Twitter


Charities to suffer with the death of print media?

After spending two weeks work experience at the KM group in Canterbury I realised the sheer importance of local newspapers promoting local charity events and fundraisers.

For example, during the second week I spoke to ex-Falklands paratrooper, Colin Rees, 48, of Whitstable, Kent.

The youth of today, the consumers of tomorrow.

As the old mediums of journalism falter and ‘citizen’, un-professional, social networking journalism grows should we not try something different? Is it not time for media companies to try a new approach to counter the decrease in sales of print journalism. The Independent company launched the I paper in late 2010 to try to increase its readership and increase its revenue.