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Latest TV looking for broadcast journalists


Latest TV, the Brighton-based digital terrestrial television broadcaster, is looking for graduate-level broadcast journalists.

This could be a great opportunity for a CfJ graduate. You'd be treading in the footsteps of our 2014 graduate Mhairi Beveridge, who started doing shifts at Latest shortly after completing her degree. She's now deputy news editor.

Mhairi tells us that candidates should have: 

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Year 3 team newsdays rota


The rota showing roles for the Year 3 newsdays across the next two terms is shown below.

Can you all give it a close look to check that there are no obvious anomalies: you should all be an editor for 1 newsday; an executive for 1 newsday; a reporter for 3 newsdays (1 print, 1 radio, 1 TV) and a member of the news team for 1 newsday.

The editors for next Friday's print newsday should come to see me for a chat at the earliest opportunity this week.

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Explosive revelations of the CfJ's new postgrads


The Centre for Journalism's newest postgraduate students were asked to find something interesting about each other for Welcome Week.

Here's Natalie Tipping's take.

I think our work here may already be done...

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Year 3 newsday briefing


All year 3 students should attend a briefing for your Convergent Journalism 3 newsdays at 1pm on the first day of term (Monday 28 October) in the small newsroom.

The format for these newsdays has changed slightly - so this will be a vital session. 

Newsday dates are all now on the CfJ web site calendar.

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Jobs goldrush for CfJ graduates


I've been rather remiss at keeping up to date with this summer's surge of Centre for Journalism graduates finding great jobs in the industry. Here's an update:

Graham Stothard (MA 2014), who  joined KMTV as one of its first videojournalists, is set to join ITV Anglia as a production journalist.

Katie Palmer (BA 2015) is joining the Colchester Gazette as a trainee reporter.

Josh Fordham and Anabelle Letten (MA 2015) have joined Newsquest's production hub in Weymouth as graduate copy editors.

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KMTV - potential intern shifts


KMTV, The Centre for Journalism's new joint venture with the KM Group, is gearing up for its launch online, ahead of the full digital terrestrial TV launch on Freeview, Virgin and possibly Sky next year.

There is the possibility of some paid shifts for suitable interns this summer. It's a potential opportunity that could suit recent graduates from our BA and MA programmes.

There are no guarantees at this stage, but KMTV's new news editor, Andy Richards, would be interested in seeing CVs and examples of video/TV work. If you're interested and available, contact Andy on:

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The Sun's Jacob Lewis on how the CfJ prepared him for globetrotting, eating sheep eyeballs and wearing high heels on cobblestones


In the latest of our video chats with recent CfJ graduates, Jacob Lewis of the The Sun talks us through the gruelling hardships of travelling the world for a national newspaper.


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Final coursework submission for Convergent Journalism 1


For those first years not at  this morning's revision session, this is a reminder that you have a final piece of coursework to submit for your convergent journalism portfolio. It's due by close of play on Friday.

As set out in the Module Outline, your portfolio includes your conference pitches, your blog posts (1 each per term: if you haven't done your second post, do it by Friday); and a final piece called a news package. 

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Change of time for convergent journalism 1 revision session


Apologies - I've had to put this session on Monday back by an hour, so it will now start at 11am.

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Update: First year revision session: convergent journalism


We'll hold a revision session for Year 1 convergent journalism in the main newsroom on Monday 18 May at 11am (sorry - had to change the time).

I'll also use the session to remind you about final coursework submissions, including a multimedia portfolio item and your final blog posts.

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