Euro 2012 Fantasy League - players wanted, even lecturers!

With under a month until Euro 2012 we've decided to set up a fantasy league.

We would love any first years, second years, third years, MA students and even lecturers to join in and see who is the master of Euro 2012.

If you are interested, please visit:

Then set up an account, create your team and join a Classic League

It is a Private League and the pin code is 95496-22113. The league is called CforJ.

Good luck.


...and you got one. The Gillchester Rovers are foolishly banking on Greece in defence, but will balance the books with a troika of attacking heavyweights. However, a lack of German support means they'll probably be booted out of the Euro by mid-June.

By Rob Bailey --

Rob is a lecturer in reporting and writing at the Centre for Journalism

We already have 10-11 names signed up. Remember to tell others in your year once you sign up so we can make this as big as possible!


Only one lecturer has joined so far though...

By Sam Thompson