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It's not subject to places or people: Terrorism is Terrorism.


I didn’t believe my mum when first told me she had booked a holiday to Egypt. This is the lady who was worried when I got a job at Bluewater because she thinks there is bound to be a terrorist attack there. She doesn’t want me going to London, or even to an airport because of the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘maybes’. I never listen to her of course, because I don’t live around the what ifs, but I don’t think I’d be as brave as to pack my belongings and head off the Egypt, a religiously divided country, with conflict just around the corner.

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The weather outside is frightful


A couple of days ago, I experienced something very rare for most Brits; snow. The past few years have seen next to no snow at all, and for what I can say, that counts for this year too.

It was a Thursday, a bleak and rainy Thursday, when my parents texted me and told me snow was on the way, as they were my parents, I didn’t believe them. But as it often proves, I was wrong. Around 6pm snow began to fall around my home in the South East. It was a calm and blissful sight, soon ruined by the havoc of panicking English people.

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