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Trainee Reporter - Archant South West


Hello everyone at the CFJ, from sunny Devon.

A position has come available at Archant South West that I thought any graduates might be interested in applying for.

I can vouch that is a great place to work and I have only been here two months. The patch is lively (and picturesque) and I have been fortunate to have a very social group of colleagues. 

The full description can be found at the link below. There are a couple of conditions, you will need your own car as the office is not easy to get to any other way but you have expenses for any miles you do! 

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Kent Extra: Kent Now website


The Kent extra students have launched their news website today Kent Now.

In true CFJ style the students have been working hard to break international, national, sport and entertainment news throughout the afternoon. 

For your daily update keep track at:

Follow us on Twitter: @Kent_Now

and on Facebook at:

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The Medwire needs you: Save Essentials


As journalism students we learn that it is important to hold power to account. It often proves difficult to do so, but with the right amount of pressure and support it can be achieved.

This could not apply more than to the campaign to save Essentials, the student shop at the end of campus. The University has announced that it is not sustainable to keep the shop open and has announced plans to close it.

This leaves many students out of work and our campus without a shop.

In an email to students:

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CFJ students win big at GK Union awards!


The code was dress to impress but students at the Centre for Journalism achieved an amazing haul of awards at last night's (May 22) GK Unions Volunteering awards.

Kieran Watkins, Jem Collins, Clarissa Place, Sarah Boast, Cecily Snowball, Michelle Gleaves were all recepients during the awards ceremony.

The Medwire awarded their reporters for their hard work by handing awards out towards the end of the night.

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Kent Union Elections


This is a personal post but it would mean a lot if everyone can vote in the Kent Union leadership elections.

We know in the political world how important it is for democracy and it is the same when it comes to electing the five positions on offer for the Union.

This year there are two Medway candidates and it would be amazing if anyone can take the time to vote and make other students aware of their democratic rights.

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Ready for the biggest Scoops?


Scoop Online is back today from 9 until 5 for the year 3 newsday. 

Click on the links to keep up to date with the latest breaking, national, international and entertainment news.

The link to the website is:

Follow us on Twitter @Scoop_Online

Facebook: Scoop Online

Instagram: scoop_online

and reddit. 

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UMSA Football needs help


The president of the UMSA football club has contacted me to ask if there are a group of willing volunteers that would love experience reporting for their teams.

Without trying to sound lecturer-ish it would look great for portfolio pieces for those who love sport and good practice, and content for The Medwire.

The criteria and the benefits include: 

-Volunteering hours which could be logged towards the KSCV Platinum award (which is a 15 credit module, therefore you will receive additional 15 credits on your degree)

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How many more apologies? Footballers pushing the limit



“I apologise also to my manager, playing colleagues and everyone at Liverpool for letting them down.”

It would be easy to say Luis Suarez has bitten off more than he can chew with his latest antics on the pitch.

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Legacy or limiting dreams?



The London Olympics, the jewel of 2012 has crowned it's sporting stars with the ultimate bonus of £374million.

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Trip to TV show The Agenda


For anyone interested I have been offered tickets to the ITV show The Agenda.

David Cameron is set to be one guest on the show and I was wondering if a group of us wanted to go and watch, I think there is a chance to ask the guest questions, so it's possibly a story opportunity.

If as many people could let me know today the show is filming is on Monday 5th November at 6.15pm in London. 


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