Year 3 project supervisors


The supervisors for Year 3 projects have now been allocated. See the list below (also available on Moodle). Please make an appointment for a preliminary chat with your supervisor this week.

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Year 3's New Perspectives web site is live again today


Year 3 students from the BA Journalism course are once again working on an assessed newsday. This afternoon they will be broadcasting 2 hours of live radio from the centre's newsroom. And throughout the day they will be updating their New Perspectives web site and its associated social media accounts. 

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As few a words as possible


One of the first things you get told in Reporting and Writing is that it's a journalist's job to be able to say something in as few a words as possible. It is a skill and one we will use everyday because, we are limited by column space in print and by air time in broadcast.

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International students information.



   Lesley will be away  next  week but will be picking up emails, so  do  get in touch if you need to. Meanwhile, Duarte and Anita will be around as usual.

We are setting up  a new Facebook page for International  students and that  should be live soon. Look out for it.

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CFJ Kit loan and return from 20th Oct 2016 to 31st October 2016



Please do not return kit during the above dates - see the email you have been sent for details. Likewise do not ask members of staff to check in/check out kit for you whilst I am away.

Best regards,


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Meet the graduates: Kishan Koria


In the latest of our series of interviews with recent Centre for Journalism graduates, Kishan Koria talks about landing a job with ITV's Peston on Sunday before he had graduated - and having to take time off work to take his exams.

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It's okay to be a feminine feminist


Recently I was told by a friend that nobody thought she was a feminist. Obviously I asked the question: why? Surely in this day and age a young woman should be assumed to want the same basic rights as men? What could make someone assume anything other than that? The answer: she doesn’t look like a feminist.

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Today: 10-minute talk that could change your future


Today at 1pm we're welcoming former regional newspaper editor Rebecca Smith to the CfJ newsroom. Rebecca now works for Kent Business School here at the university, and will be introducing the ASPIRE project, which aims to encourage student entrepreneurs to develop their ideas for commercial and social enterprise ventures - and, crucially, to help provide them with funding.

She'll be giving a short, 10-minute presentation to introduce the scheme at 1pm in the main undergraduate newsroom. All undergraduate and postgraduate students are encouraged to attend.

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Dear Vendela


Dear Vendela, 

Thank you for your post on English girls (see link: It's a shame to see you feel this way about us but I wanted to write this post to show where you are wrong. I hope it can help you feel more comfortable during your stay in England. 

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YEAR 2 TV assessment deadline and criteria



For the year 2 TV assignment criteria please look in the CFJ diary for the day of the deadline, which is:


Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 12:30


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