#KentExtra helpers needed


Hey guys!

We are running a Kent Extra workshop form June 1-5 at the Centre. This is a great opportunity to practice and share your skills with other Uni of Kent students.

On most days, we need people to help us pre-make a radio bulletin, a tv show, website or newspaper and then help them finish it during their afternoon lesson. You would be helping me, Rob, Ian and Richard out. 

If you are free to help for one or a couple of days please email me on

ps. It's paid work, get some monies. 

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China's Bipolar Bilateralism


The multibillion dollar deals signed during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first visit to China as leader last week are expected to bring wealth and prosperity to both parties. But they also stand testament to more than just financially lucrative friendship: they illustrate China’s ongoing emphasis on bilateralism in the nation’s struggle against US influence in Asia.

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As votes are counted; voices are left unheard


After the Tories somehow managed to form a majority in the 2015 general election, many were left angered and demanding a proportional representation voting system after seeing their parties unjustly represented in the first past the post system. This view is slightly hypocritical as just four years prior, the people of the United Kingdom voted against an alternative voting system in the 2011 referendum, a opportunity that many political analysts saw towards full proportional representation.

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The Black vote matters too


“There’s no point for me to vote because it won’t make a difference.”

“My vote won’t matter!”

“Voting is a waste of time because which whether way I vote it comes between Labour and Conservative.”

These were some of the answers I received when I asked some of my friends about the general election a week beforehand.

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It’s an aca-review. Sort of.


Having earned more at the box office in its first week than its prequel made in its entire theatrical run, I had huge hopes for Pitch Perfect 2, which hit UK screens last Friday. And I was definitely not dis-aca-ppointed.

Jason Moore does not reprise his directorial role but it is instead, picked up by none other than Elizabeth Banks – yes, that’s Gail of ICCA commentators John and Gail – while Kay Cannon and Mickey Rapkin write another winning script.

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The struggle of the Polish Democracy


2015 is the year of election for Britons as well as the Polish. The debates in both countries have overwhelmed the newspapers, radio programs and websites, and not a day goes by without a new shocking statement by a politician reaching the media light.

The essence of this year’s general election here in England is that people have a choice of who to vote for; and their choice is of the highest importance. With the EU membership as the main focus in the debate, the British citizen can take a stance for or against, and vote accordingly.

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Airbnb - all are welcome, sort of


You have all heard the name by now, I imagine. Marketing itself as a hybrid of couch surfing and real property letting, Airbnb has taken the travel world by storm in recent months.

After booking two very cheap weekend trips to Berlin and Budapest for my girlfriend and I recently the prevailing thought after my extensive property searching were all positive. But then I began to think harder...

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"F1 is boring"


F1 needs to be 'quicker' and 'louder'. That was the conclusion reached by the sports big players at a meeting at Biggin Hill last week. We're clearly not talking about ground-breaking ideas here and that is probably where the biggest issue for Formula One lays at the moment.

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Most brutal game of ping pong


Over 8 thousand men women and childrean have been left stranded all alone at sea without adequate or sufficient supplies to survive. The Rohingyas are currently subject to what has been described as the most brutal game of human ping pong ever played as governments in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Phillipines have been turning them away and preventing them from entering. 

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A Night to Forget


I’ve worked in bars for nearly three years now, and people watching at work is always fun.

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