Embrace the inevitable


Someone was going to have to do this eventually, so it might as well be me.

Here's my ice bucket challenge - I nominate everyone at the centre to drench themselves in freezing water. I can't imagine a better way to prepare for the start of a new term.


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More job news from our graduates: Agatha Yuen wins reporting job in China


Congratulations to Agatha Yuen, who graduated last year from our BA in Journalism and the News Industry. She is about to join the English language Global Times newspaper to write news and features on what is happening in China. Global Times is published by the People's Daily newspaper, which is owned by the Chinese government.  

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BA grad Kieran Watkins joins the ranks of Sky and Mail Online


Sky News is going to start stuggling for desk space soon with all of our grads in their newsroom! Kieran Watkins, BA grad, is the latest to join the likes of Alan McGuinnes, Simon Jayawardena, Jay Akbar and Declan Olley at Sky News as a freelance journalist! 

Kieran will also be part of the Community Department at Mail Online, another newsroom slowly filling up with CFJ grads. I'm sure our very own Sara Malm will show him around.

Congrats Kieran!!! 

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Half Marathon Running (It's a really long way!)


Apologies for the self promotion in advance - especially to those of you who have already been bombarded with this message on my social media channels!

However, as a self-confessed lazy person and gin aficionado, I never expected to say I'll be running a half marathon so am looking for support and pennies for my run in October.

I'll be taking part in the Great South Run for Devon Air Ambulance so any donations or well wishes, no matter how small would be greatly appreciated.

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Mhairi joins Latest TV


The good news about Centre for Journalism graduates just keeps coming. Our latest success story comes from Mhairi Beveridge, who has secured a job as a news reader and video journalist for Brighton based Latest TV.  The photo shows Mhairi in the studio on her first day at work.

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KM vacancy in Sheerness


The KM Group is seeking to recruit a multimedia reporter to work from its office on Sheerness High Street. Details are available at; simply click on the KM logo, which you will find under Featured Recruiters, and all you need to know about the recruitment process will be revealed.

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Sky Sports News unveils latest signing


Crouch to West Ham? Vermaelen to Barcelona?

Declan Olley to Sky Sports News?

At least one of those is definitely happening, and it's great news for a recent graduate who always dreamed of a career in sports journalism.

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Local TV: no pressure


There's a buzz around the Centre for Journalism following the news that we won our bid to run a Local TV station for Maidstone and Tonbridge this week - and it seems expectations are already running high.

The Guardian's Roy Greenslade, who recently caused a stir with an article criticising the Local TV project in London, has written a blog post today in praise of the KM Group's local credentials and the TV experience of our own Tim Luckhurst.

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Ofcom Awards TV Licence to KMTV


We won. Ofcom has awarded the local television licence for Maidstone and Tonbridge to KM Television Ltd, the joint company created by the University of Kent and the KM Group. Plainly this is excellent news for the Centre for Journalism, our excellent students and staff.

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Ben Kennedy joins the Kent Messenger


Congratulations to Ben Kennedy, who will join the Kent Messenger as its new reporter for Dartford and Gravesend in August.

He continues a tradition of Centre for Journalism students starting their careers at the local paper - following Lizzie Massie, Matt Leclere, Clare Freeman, Lewis Dyson, Becky Hughes and Alan McGuinness.

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