2017 Sky Bob Friend Scholarship Priority


The 2017 Sky Bob Friend Scholarship will be presented to this year's winner at the annual Sky Bob Friend Memorial Lecture. This will take place in the Dockyard Church at 7pm on Thursday 2nd March.

This year's lecturer will be Ed Conway, Economics Editor at Sky News and Times columnist.The crucial question now is: to whom will he present the prize? We (Sky News and the CfJ) will decide via the usual competitve process.

How does it work? We'll explain all in a briefing to be held in the main newsroom at 1300 on Tuesday 17th January. Please attend. This is a unique and immensely valuable opportunity open to all undergraduate students in the Centre. The winner will spend a month long, fully funded placement at Sky News. They will also receive a £3,000 contribution to their tuition fees.Beyond these rewards there is, of course, the prestige and glory of being a member of the tiny and highly select band of Sky Bob Friend Scholars.

Following the briefing, the deadline for submissions will be Friday February 10th. Shortlisted contestants will travel to London for the final selection interviews which will take place at Sky' Millbank studios in Westminter on Friday 17th February. Come to the briefing. All will be explained.

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Why it's OK to live childless: thoughts from a self-serving woman


We work nine to five jobs, we want promotions, and we work harder. We go through years of education and hard work for our dream job, to be denied it based on the narrow-minded fact that we may just have to leave temporarily.

For one reason: the 'M' reason. Maternity. 

We are the women with ambitions. The growing majorities that live life childless to avoid these circumstances, and can you blame us?

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It wasn't all so bad: 2016 and the Peruvian Elections


Although you may remember 2016 for the shocking electoral results in many countries, Peruvian elections delivered a slightly positive outlook as Fujimorism was dramatically defeated in the Presidential elections.

Fujimorism is the political movement based on the image of Alberto Fujimori, Peru’s president from 1990 to 2000. Now represented by the political party, "Fuerza Popular", Fujimorism has divided the country since Alberto Fujimori carried out a presidential self-coup in 1992, dissolving the congress and judiciary branch.

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You really can have too much money


Compare eight people to 3.6 billion; imagine the amount of space it would take to fit eight humans into a room and the amount of land it would take to fit billions of us. It is a huge difference, obviously, yet it is evidence that we need to crack down on equality throughout the world.

Oxfam has recorded analysis saying the world’s eight richest men own as much as the poorest half of the entire world. Though this may not be entirely accurate (there has been dispute) the issue is still relevant, and has been for far too long.

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First Lemonade, now Coachella?!



Exactly one month after my birthday, and six months after an intense break up, Beyoncé released her sixth studio album Lemonade.


It’s a story about life and relationships, feminism, the trials and tribulations of a scorned woman, southern black women and some argue, addresses the rumours surrounding her and husband Jay-Z’s marriage. On the surface the album explores emotion and betrayal, however beneath all that, we have been invited into Beyoncé’s world that is full of inconceivable highs and all-too-recognisable lows.


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T2: a snapshot of our generation?


"Choose life

Choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and hope that someone, somewhere cares

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A tribute to Christopher Hitchens



I don’t particularly idolise anyone fully as I believe such a stance substitutes your own personal skills and attributes in exchange for a wish to acquire someone else’s, however this does not mean that I do not admire and viciously respect particular qualities, skills or talents in others.

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2017 Daily Mail Scholarships


I'm delighted to be able to confirm that Associated Newspapers have agreed to award two Daily Mail Scholarships in the Centre this year: a postgradate scholarship and an undergraduate scholarship for final year students. Each scholarship is worth £5,000 and the chance to do work experience at the Daily Mail.

Contestants should submit an original news story of not fewer than 550 words and not more than 1000 words suitable for publication in the print edition of the Daily Mail. All submissions to be handed to Anastasia by noon on Monday 8th May 2017. Each submission should be accompanied by a cover sheet giving your name, the degree for which you are studying and a telephone number at which you can be reached.

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I'd rather go naked


Just to be clear, I’m not going to wear my birthday suit anyway, but what I would like to talk about is faux fur – an increasing trend in the fashion industry. More and more fashion brands have chosen NOT to use real animal fur, as the reality behind huge profits is animal abuse.

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These are the classes that David and I are running, for those who think they want to take the optional NCTJ Broadcast module. I'll talk more about it in coming classes for the Year 2 and MA students.


15 FEB    NCTJ REGULATION Workshop Phil Harding main UG newsroom 1400 to 1700
24 FEB    MOCK REGULATION EXAM 24 February 1300 – 1400 in G4-04

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