NCTJ Newswriting joy for third years!


Congratulations to our second tranche of third years who heard they passed the NCTJ Newswriting exam this week. This brings to 11 out of 15 students - nearly three quarters of the year group - who have passed this difficult test. Special praise is due to Beckah Floyd who top-scored on 62 per cent, winning herself a B grade. Our third years' success should be a spur to those second years taking the test later this month. Well done everybody.

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How one council over-reacted to a journalist's Freedom of Information requests


It's mystifying to me what this council thought it would achieve in this hysterical reaction to an unflattering - but entirely legitimate - story about its chief executive having 'life coaching' sessions at the taxpayers' expense. But it is a great example of how councils regard their relationship - or in this case, a lack of one - with the local media. It also reflects how councils, for all their talk of engaging with the public and voters and commitment to transparency, would often much prefer it if their activities were never put under the glare of the public spotlight.

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Free books - be one in a million

Drag your nose from your laptop, desktop flatscreen or Kindle for a bit and stick it into some really ancient technology for a change. A book. They've been with us for 600 years, but I've got some beautiful modern ones to give away.
I was among the 20,000 lucky people selected to get some of the one million books to give away as part of World Book Night. So was Paulene, my wife.
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Jon Snow: People will no longer read newspapers for news


The media is undergoing a revolution in which people will no longer look to newspapers for news, according to Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow.

Delivering the third Bob Friend Memorial Lecture at the University of Kent on Friday night, Snow said events in the Middle East demonstrate the benefits of social media websites but also that newspapers are becoming dated very quickly. Leaders in Tunisia and Egypt have been forced from power after mass protests driven by services like Twitter and Facebook.

Snow said: "I don't think people will look to newspapers for news. I don't think people are patient enough to read news in that way."

Before his lecture, titled ‘From film to Twitter – the media revolution: is the golden age of journalism come or gone?’, Snow presented this year’s winner of the Bob Friend Memorial Scholarship, Tania Steere, with her award.

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Baroness Worthington in intern ad blunder


The topic of unpaid internships has been rather prolific in the news over recent months. In fact, Jon Snow even mentioned it at the Bob Friend Memorial Lecture last night, stating that the media’s use of unpaid interns is ‘alarming’.

The Daily Mail also published a couple of pieces on unpaid interns yesterday. One piece, titled ‘A degree in slavery: The highly-educated graduates forced to work for nothing for MPs, celebrities and even charities’, highlighted the problem of unpaid internships in Parliament. You can also check out my map, which shows every MP’s advertisement for an unpaid intern since January.


View MPs and constituencies adverting for unpaid interns in a larger map


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CfJ Newswire returns for another day!


CfJ Newswire

This morning at 9am the Centre for Journalism Newswire goes live yet again to the world. The project is being undertaken as part of the Centre's Online news day for final-year undergraduates. We will be covering - for one day only - a mix of national and international stories, as well as local stories relevant to Kent using a variety of multimedia techniques.

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Hughes and Cain top shorthand hall of fame


Third year undergraduates Becci Hughes and Kat Cain have become the first CfJ students to reach 120 words per minute in their NCTJ shorthand exams. They now sit jointly at the top of our Hall of Fame. Congratulations to both for setting such high standards.

Congratulations too to James Woodcock, Stuart Wilson and Alex Fisk, who have all reached the crucial 100wpm milestone.

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Journalists beware Churnalism


Harrassed and overworked journalists who are recycling press releases and not taking time to check stories will now be easy to identify thanks to a new site on churnalism launched by the Media Standards Trust . Alas some have already been caught out with fake stories on the Downing St cat. Chris Atkins, the director of 'Starsuckers', was to blame.  

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Linda Melvern, former Sunday Times journalist, to speak on Reporting Rwanda


Linda Melvern was a journalist on the Sunday Times Insight team. She has also written a book about the Wapping Revolution,  entitled 'The End of the Street'. But for the past 15 years she has been investigating the Rwanda genocide of 1994. She has published many articles and two books, and has met and interviewed many of those involved in the story. and unearthed key parts of this shameful episode involving the conduct of the  UN and the wider international community.  Linda will speak to students on 2nd March at 1pm in the Newsroom about 'Reporting Rwanda'.

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KM Group Work Placements


The following students will go on work experience placements to the KM Group during the Easter Vacation: Jay Akbar, Peter Brown, Frances Christian-Acquaah, Anica Colbert, Michel'le Donnelly, Anthony Dunkley, Jessica Fleig, Clare Freeman, Huw Griffith, Alexander Maitland, Scott Mitchell, Tiia Mustonen, Tim New, Chloe Oram, Jemma Rogers, Tom Rowse, Tania Steere, Harley Tamplin, Agatha Yuen. 

The following students will have work experience placements in the summer vacation: Ferouz Berhe, Nicholas Duffy, Oprah Flash, Dwayne Gordon-Harris, Drew Mark, Danielle Morris, James Mullan, Sarina Iskandar.

Easter Work Placements are for two weeks. Group 1 will go between Monday 11 April and Friday 22 April. Group 2 will go between Monday 25 april and Friday 6 May. 

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