Kathryn Cain Q and A


Kathryn Cain graduated from the Centre in June 2011 with an excellent BA and a full set of passes in her NCTJ exams - including Court Reporting and 120 wpm shorthand. She is now a reporter with Bedfordshire on Sunday and Bedford Midweek. In the main undergraduate newsroom on Wednesday 30 Jan. at 1pm, Kat will talk about her job and answer any questions about how to make sure you get one too. Please come. These sessions are invaluable to all who aspire to success in journalism.

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Print news day teams and details


The combined print news day for years one and two will be held on Friday, February 1.

You will be creating a 20 page evening newspaper in the style of the Daily Mail. It is a regional paper, with an eye on national and international news. Deadline is 5pm.

Editors will be Ian and myself, although some of you will be called upon to deputise. Roles will be sorted out at each team's first conference next week.

So, without further ado, here are the teams...

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Precedent or exception? A few thoughts on the Mark Hales court case


Earlier today, the motoring journalist Mark Hales was found by a court to be liable for the damage done to the engine of a Porsche 917 he was driving for a magazine feature.

I know not enough of the case to enter the specifics, but the key question was this: Did the engine blow because the experienced Hales was driving (i.e. he missed a gear), or did it blow simply while he was behind the wheel (i.e. an unavoidable mechanical failure)? The court held it was the former, and he is now facing a six-figure bill for repairs.

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Capture Medway on film and win £250


There' s a £250 top prize up for grabs in the University's Creative Campus photography competition. It's open to all Medway staff and students, and requires entrants to take a picture on the campus that will "capture aspects of student life or the hidden beauty in exposing peculiar elements of its natural and built environment".

Submission Requirements:

  • 1 photograph only
  • Format: JPEG or TIFF
  • Resolution; 300 dpi preferred
  • Size: 5mb maximum
  • Filename: Your name and title of photograph


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Hadley Freeman on Captain Wales


Amid blanket coverage of Prince Harry, a.k.a. Captain Wales a.k.a the Killer Prince, nothing has amused and pleased me more than Hadley Freeman's column for the Guardian. Yes, I know Prince Harry hates journalists for revealing his antics when he is being "more army than prince". Granted, his earnest desire for a timid and obedient press does more to promote the value of raucous free speech than he might imagine. But never mind; the best way for honest republicans to dilute reverence for the royal family is to make fun of them. Thank you, Hadley - and not for the first time.

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Parliament trip still on


Update (5.50am): There are still some delays on train services on the Maidstone and Chatham lines. Go for an earlier train if you can!

OP: The Year 1 (plus special guests) trip to Westminster tomorrow is still on but train services to London could be disrupted by another chilly night.
Our time slots for the tour are early and inflexible, so you may need to jump on an earlier train than expected. Keep an eye on the Southeastern website for updates.

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NCTJ law January 18th


Year 2s and MAs - please bring with you on Friday the test EML paper I gave you for your revision. It's the one from January 24th 2011. We'll be going through that paper - and focussing on any other areas in which you feel you need more help. JOSH MORL AND DECLAN OLLEY - don't forget it's your day for voice training.

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A striking front page


Here is a striking front page design, and an interesting approach to bringing petitions to life in news stories.

The South Wales Argus collected 5,345 names on a petition in favour of free parking in Newport - and printed every single one of them in its paper. A good sample of them are on the front page, in place of a picture.

There can be no greater illustration of the credibility that named sources bring to a story.

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The depublished column


After commissioning polemical columnist Julie Burchill to write an article this Sunday, The Observer has taken the rather extraordinary step of trying to depublish it.

The column in question was a stout defence of her friend, the writer Suzanne Moore, against claims that she had made bigoted comments about the transgender community, and then refused to apologise for them.

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Do sports journalists still need shorthand?


Whilst reading The Secret Footballer’s book (I am the Secret Footballer: Lifting the Lid on the Beautiful Game), I came across the player’s thoughts on the media and journalists. There was one line in particular that grabbed my attention: “I’m uncomfortable when journalists rely on shorthand rather than dictaphones, because it ends up becoming your word against theirs when a questionable story appears.”

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