BBC placements in the summer


The BJTC and BBC run a scheme for students to do work experience in local and national radio and TV, including BBC South East.

Take a look at details of what is on offer, and what they are looking for, here.

Second year students who think they are ready for this should register online and clear their application through a member of staff.

No spelling mistakes, be clear about what you have to offer and include a couple of ideas for stories.

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Visit to Canterbury Crown Court - all years - Tuesday March 2


Dear all,

Next week we are visiting Canterbury Crown Court, Chaucer Road, Canterbury (map and directions in attachment). Please make sure you are there by about five to ten. We are having a talk by a judge before proceedings. Those of you who have no afternoon lessons to go to are welcome to stay as long as you like. Those who need to be back in Medway for the afternoon need to catch the 13.02 from Canterbury East to get back for 2.00pm

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NCTJ student council summary


I realise this is a little old now, but I’ve had a lot to do. Better late than never, as they say.
I went to the annual NCTJ student council meeting a few Fridays ago. For those that have been sleeping, it’s a forum for feedback.
You can read my round-up here

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'They have all got books to sell, we in contrast have got a country to run'


That was the rebuttal issued by Peter Mandelson on the Andrew Marr show this morning in response to allegations in the new-look Observer.

The paper is serialising a book by its chief political commentator Andrew Rawnsley - The End of the Partywhich charts the fortunes of the Labour party under both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Chief among the allegations is that Sir Gus O'Donnell, the cabinet secretary, became so concerned by reports of Brown's explosive temper that he looked into the matter and told the PM: 'This is no way to get things done'.

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Observer relaunch/redesign


Thought I'd pick this enjoyable advert the Observer's made for its relaunch today - it's funny but it has a point too. Hope it works

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Student Radio-ish Project


Calling all people at the CFJ:

The collective minds of Averill, May and myself have decided that the Medway Campus needs some form of audible representation...

There is a long term plan, eventually becoming the greatest radio station in all of Mordor Medway, however for the minute we are going to be doing a twice monthly Podcast.

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Not the editor of the Independent


Following a campaign of villification on Facebook and in rival newspapers, my old friend Rod Liddle, former editor of the Today Programme, has been told that he will not be replacing Roger Alton as editor of the Independent. I think Rod has been trashed by bigots who fail to understand the meaning of the liberalism they profess. I wrote about it for the Guardian.

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BBC attacked over smartphone application expansion


The National Publishers Association has launched a scathing attack toward the BBC, just hours after it announced that it would be launching three mobile applications. 

At a time when mobile platforms are being explored for commercial news models, this announcement  deals a crucial blow to advocates of paid content. 

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Work placement opportunity at BBC Radio


The BBC's Audio and Music Factual department launched a new scheme last year offering three 4-week work placements a year. Successful candidates get to spend a month on the Radio 4 daily consumer affairs magazine "You and Yours" with the aim of making one feature for broadcast and producing at least one live item for broadcast. This is a golden opportunity to work in network radio and impress a potential future employer. 

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Year One news day broadcasts now on site


The 30-minute radio programmes produced by Year One undergraduates are now uploaded to the site.

You'll find the show produced by Ella's team here

And the show produced by Jon's Team here.

Note that you'll have to be logged in to listen. I don't think the wider world is quite ready for these broadcasts just yet.

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